What to Expect at a Bankruptcy-Trustee Hearing

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            Your hearing before the bankruptcy trustee is usually held about a month after you file your Petition for Bankruptcy. Before the hearing, you will have taken two mandatory debt counseling courses. You will have also supplied the trustee with several financial documents including:

(1)        Six months of bank statements,

(2)       Most recent two years of tax returns with W-2’s.

(3)       Pay stubs from the most recent 60 days.

(4)       The title or registration to any automobiles that you own,

(5)       A printout from the internet showing the value of the automobiles or a written appraisal from an automobile dealer,

(6)       A written payoff statement from the creditor(s) regarding the balance owed on the automobile(s),

(7)        A copy of the deed to any real estate you own,

(8)       A written payoff statement from the creditor(s) as to the payoff for any mortgages or credit lines secured by the real estate.

            At the hearing, the trustee will ask to see your driver’s license and social security card and then swear you in. The trustee will ask you a number of questions including:

(1)            Have you read your Petition for Bankruptcy?

(2)           Is everything in your Petition for Bankruptcy true?

(3)           Did you read the trustee’s information sheet?

(4)           Did you list all your assets?

(5)           Did you list all of your debts?

(6)           Do you intend to keep your homestead real estate?

(7)            Do you intend to keep your automobile(s)?

(8)           Have you sold or transferred any assets in the last two years?

            Other questions will vary and depend on the specific contents of your Petition for Bankruptcy and who the trustee is that is assigned to your case.

            If you have further questions about filing a personal bankruptcy, please contact William D. Slicker, P.A. and schedule an appointment.

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